Unleash the Blog Beast! Empower Network’s ENV2

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ENV2, the Blog BeastThe Blog Beast is coming. No really, there’s a count down clock and everything!

What is the Blog Beast?

You may already know that I am an affiliate with one of the greatest, if not “THE” greatest opportunity on the planet called the Empower Network. The primary product is a blogging platform that takes all the frustration out of the meaning of the word “blogging.” Seriously, this thing is only $25 and comes packed with a 100% commission for affiliate sales.

Empower Network is upgrading their already awesome blogging system, to a super powered Blog Beast. They are calling it ENV2, or Empower Network Version Two, and have given it the nickname of “Blog Beast!”

So what! I Use Blogger, WordPress or some other blogging platform.

If you’re already using another blog platform or software, good. At least you’re blogging. But understand when I tell you this, the Blog Beast is going to change the way people blog, forever. With the launch of this new blogging platform, the ability to publish a blog post from your mobile phone will be streamlined. Want to record and publish a video within that blog post, without having to go through YouTube? Done. With the Blog Beast, you can do that.

I’ve seen this thing in action. It’s extremely fast and simplified for even the beginning bloggers.

The Blog Beast is getting ready to launch!

Within two weeks of writing this blog post, Blog Beast will be available for current users, at NO EXTRA COST. Current users will be ‘grandfathered’ into the new platform. The buzz about this will be all over the internet.

Believe me, when that title wave hits, you want to be in front of it.

Not only can this product help any business, and I mean ANY business, with their online marketing, it is the best opportunity on the web for internet marketers and aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can build a VERY substantial income with Empower Network.

Join me…and start living that 3 hour work day lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is one very awesome tool, and the Empower Network is that tool.

Or CLICK HERE to find out more about the Blog Beast itself!

Amdro Ant Killer is the Best!

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Amdro Ant KillerNever, in all my days, would I have ever thought that I would be writing a blog post on the insecticides I use. However, hundreds of thousands of ants have threatened my peace of mind, my sanctity and my ability to walk through my yard with my eighteen month old son without the worry of being violated. Until today, they were so thick in my front yard that they’ve make a clear and visible path through the grass to open ground.

Things have gone far enough!

Amdro Ant Killer is the Best!

I stand by that statement, but with that said, I want you to know that this isn’t a sponsored post. In other words, Amdro didn’t pay me off to say this about their product. I say that Amdro Ant Killer is the best, because it’s the only one that actually kills ants!

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Time Off Request Pending Approval!

September 12th, 2013 | No Comments |

time off request deniedThe other day I received a text message from someone, and when I read the message, it sounded like nothing more than gibberish to me.

Has that ever happened to you? Most likely.

I feel the same way when I hear certain sayings which are commonly used among employees around the workplace. It’s like hearing something I overheard nearly two lifetimes ago, vaguely remembering what it meant.

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What would you like to do for a living regardless of pay?

September 10th, 2013 | No Comments |

What would you like to do for a livingIf you had the chance, starting today, to do for a living whatever your heart desired, without having to worry about a paycheck, what would you choose to do?

Tough question, I know!

Now here’s the real kicker. Would you still choose to do what you are currently doing?

I think it would be safe to say that most people would probably answer “NO” to that last question. In general, most people are doing what they need to do to get by, to make a living, and are not following their passions. And it’s a shame!

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Are You Looking for a New Job? Think Twice.

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Looking for a jobTell me whether or not you can relate to this scene: You’re not happy with your income, or are in the market for a new job, so you sit down and start searching for jobs. You’re looking through either the newspaper or searching online and find some jobs that might work. They’re not exactly what you’d choose to do for a living, but they’ll pay the bills. So naturally, you want to know how much they’ll pay. Hmmmm…from $35k to $45k, depending on experience, and you think to yourself, “That’s not too bad.”

Now stop and pause for a second. Let’s take a quick look at that income range and break it down a bit. Let’s say you qualify for the higher part of that income bracket and would be getting paid $45k/year. Let’s say, for this position, you’re going to be on salary, so no overtime. Your income is fixed.

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Welcome to the concept of the 3 hour work day!

June 21st, 2013 | No Comments |

David Allred Parasailing in HawaiiIf you’ve found this site for the first time ever, you most likely have no idea who I am or why this site exists. So let me lay a few things out real quick.

My name is David Allred. I’ve been a work from home Dad since 2005 and have had great success in all areas of business. Besides cleaning carpets as a teenager, my first business as a responsible adult was a small glass company. It was a traditional brick and mortar business model, which, just like most other brick and mortar businesses, required a great deal of time.

I’m a little different than the average guy, well, at least in my mind.  I’m psychologically unemployable.

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