Main principles of the 3 hour work day

Maximize the 3 hours before your paid job

The idea of this 3 hour work day is to strive to be as profitable, efficient and effective with your “work day” as your “paid job”. Get this correct and you will not only improve personal and business productivity, but I think you are on your way to change the world.

About author

Many thanks to you for taking this great journey with me.

Husband, father of four, friend, entrepreneur, executive, author, and speaker are how Mike would most properly be introduced. The inspiration to write this book and to speak on the subject has come from his own personal experiences, along with having the privilege to learn from some of the most successful and productive people on the planet. A graduate of Springfield College, Hutta learned early the life principles of spirit, mind and body that are the foundation of that college’s academic environment. Mike’s career started in corporate America as he moved up the latter into an executive role with responsibilities to lead hundreds of people. That experience along with the desire to jettison the corporate life and attempt to start and run a business of his own launched him into this fun, challenging and sometimes frightening world of being an entrepreneur. As you will read in this book, the 3-hour workday is not just a book, or a speech it is Mike’s vision and passion to share it with as many people in the world as possible. Yes, a little ebook and a passion to share it with lots of people can help to change the world!!


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